• Archbishop Emeritus and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Desmond Tutu has dedicated his life to reshaping conversations about peace, equality and forgiveness. He founded the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation in the United States to harvest future peace makers for generations to come. The Peace3 initiative is taking that head on with the goal of teaching one-million young people the transformative power of peace.

  • Peace in Action

    Recognizing and Accepting White Privilege

    “All the white people in the room, raise your hand.” As I sat in a classroom on Valencia College campus, I looked around as I and the other caucasians or predominantly caucasian people timidly raised their hand, fearing what was … Read more

    The Voice of Our Readers

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    Pruning Branches on “Peace”

    After the Boston marathon bombing and the ensuing manhunt, I felt like I couldn’t “authentically” comment on peace since I was struggling to find it within myself. I didn’t feel “at peace.” Read more

    Because a Story Was Shared in a Far Off Land

    Shortly before my Pop died, I was working on a play with a Christmas theme. I’d had him over for dinner and just offhandedly asked, “Well, Pop, you got any Vietnam Christmas stories?” not expecting an answer, because he rarely talked about his three tours in Vietnam. Read more

    Discovering Our Deepest Human Connection through Stories

    I recently had the experience of sitting with two women I had just met and listening to their stories. I was also able to tell a brief personal story. We all marveled at how vividly we lived into each other’s stories, how we were so easily right there with them. Read more

    The Story of Who Owns the Land

    A video adapted and performed by Denise Valentine (inspired by a version from Scandinavian folklore in The Storytellers Goddess by Carolyn McVickar Edwards). Read more