September 5, 2012

Iraq – The Failure of Imposed Democracy


I am an Iraqi man now living in Sweden.  I fled my country in 2006.  I am a witness to what happened in Iraq when George Bush and Tony Blair invaded my country in the name of bringing Democracy.  I read about Archbishop Tutu’s opinion in the Huffington Post on September 2nd regarding what happened in Iraq and how you feel George Bush and Tony Blair should be brought to trial.

As a witness to what happened to my country, what Bush and Blair brought to Iraq had nothing to do with whether I and other Iraqi people wanted Democracy—we DID—but not brought to our country with force, with killing, with such destruction.  We would have developed a democratic government all on our own if we were allowed the time and left alone.

I believe that Democracy grows from the ground up and cannot be imposed on a nation from outside forces, as what happened in Iraq.  I consider that my country was destroyed in the name of Democracy.

Please accept my best regards and GOD bless you and for your work to bring about global peace.

September 5, 2012

  • Peter Andrews, September 7, 2012 Reply

    Why is the world in such a turmoil? who or what is behind all the problems that the world is in? perhaps we can get answers from, The Protocol of the Elders, The Federal bank of the USA, The World Bank,
    secret societies such as, The Illuminati/Freemasons,The Council For Foreign Relations. They have a secret agenda to control the world by what ever it takes do so. The are hell bent on in trying to usher in the New World Order.The Governments of the World are playing into their hands. They cause wars, unrest, recessions, stock market crashes, artificially cause food shortages, play one nation against another, turn one religion against another or the same religion as in Iraq. These elite
    will stop at nothing till they reach their evil plans. We need to wake up and stop them in their tracks. Thank you Desmond Tutu for your guts.
    The Lord Bless you and keep you.

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