October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to Dr. Tutu!

He is such a beacon of inspiration to a lot of us. Today’s youth, especially those in my continent of Africa, have only one option and that is to stand up and take the work of these elders to the next level. That will be in honor and with respect to their commitment, passion and efforts. I hope we will not disappoint Dr. Tutu.

He has my best wishes on this very special day

Muyatwa SITALI


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  • MUNODEI MPANDO, October 18, 2012 Reply

    "Not only are human rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) not universal, they are not even 'Western' or 'European'... Human rights are not even culturally specific, they are politically specific." ------ Paul Treanor.
    Global peace is not achievable unless this global lie is exposed and the UDHR is prevented from replacing the United Nations Charter. South Africa in 1948 was a self - governed British colony. Britain, as one of the five truly autonomous signatories of the UDHR, would not have allowed a semi - autonomous colony, South Africa to proclaim apartheid at exactly the same time as the promulgation of the UDHR if that document had been about human rights for all and if it had been universal. Even more shocking is the fact that the white settler racists of South Africa were represented by Jan Smuts at the same UN conference in San Francisco which proclaimed the UDHR. Tutu is South African and should have been the first one to expose this global lie responsible for the shooting of Malala and many like her in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Both Britain and the United States, as key promoters of the UDHR, played equally critical roles helping the proclamation and defence of yet another apartheid state in 1948 which still exists today, Israel. Israel remains today the hub of the new Anglo - American strategy for extending apartheid in the Middle East. This same state of Israel lies at the centre of all Western acts of provocation and aggression against Iran today. And those acts represent the greatest threat to world peace today. Tutu's neutrality in all this means that he has taken sides with the oppressor.

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