September 25, 2013

Soulful Warriors

Thank you to all who are responding to the question we, along with the International Storytelling Center, are asking at their upcoming festival, October 4-6, 2013, in Jonesborough, Tennessee.  Early responses are already coming in for our question:

How might the art and power of storytelling contribute to global peace and collaboration in a troubled world?

From Sai Santosh  09/25/13

We are a group of youngsters here in Alabama and Georgia (USA) creating a comic strip called ‘Soulful Warriors’ which focuses on human values.  “It’s difficult to judge/criticize people but very easy to love them.” We believe the answer to every conflict lies in LOVE. I thought that this idea of creating comic strips that focus on human values can inspire artists/illustrators around the world to create similar content, instead of the same old violent comic books.  We thought that sharing this comic strip at the International Storytelling Festival would bring awareness to creative ways of storytelling.  (Click each image to view full size.)

Soulful Warriors

Soulful Warriors2


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