October 2, 2013

Stories Help Us Remember that We are Human

Thank you to all who are responding to the question we, along with the International Storytelling Center, are asking at their upcoming festival, October 4-6, 2013, in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Early responses are already coming in for our question:

How might the art and power of storytelling contribute to global peace and collaboration in a troubled world?

When we tell stories we remember that we are human, when we listen to stories we remember that other people are human. Even when stories are about our differences, our uniqueness, they still remind us of what we all share in common. Stories are about love and anger, fear and courage, grief and healing, mischief and kindness. Sharing stories from our lives and from our cultures has the power to mend our broken relationships – with each other and with our world. Stories call us back to ourselves, back to each other – they remind us of what is really important and what doesn’t matter at all.

Rachel Rafferty
PhD Student, Peace and Conflict Studies
University of Otago, New Zealand


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