October 5, 2013

Discovering Our Deepest Human Connection through Stories

Thank you to all who are responding to the question we, along with the International Storytelling Center, are asking at their upcoming festival, October 4-6, 2013, in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Early responses are already coming in for our question:

How might the art and power of storytelling contribute to global peace and collaboration in a troubled world?

Julie-GabrielliI recently had the experience of sitting with two women I had just met and listening to their stories. I was also able to tell a brief personal story. We all marveled at how vividly we lived into each other’s stories, how we were so easily right there with them. Storytelling opens us to wonder, enchantment and imagination – all of which are our birthright as humans. When we experience this deep, previously unobserved connection, we shift from “us” and “them”
to “we”.

It has been suggested that one of our core purposes on this earth is to be the storytellers, to use our imagination and love to give voice to our fellows in the community of life. And to listen – a sacred way of giving attention to another that connects and heals both people.

I love that you are asking this question; it’s my firm belief that there are new stories emerging through each of us – stories of belonging, welcome, abundance and connection – that are replacing the old cultural stories of scarcity, competition, separation, and superiority. Thank you for your important work.


Julie E. Gabrielli
Restorying retreats
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Baltimore, Maryland


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