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Marty Alan Michelson, Ph.D., University of Manchester, is a parent, pastor, professor & peacemaker. As the Founder & Director of the Eupan Global Initiative, Marty partners with others in shared advocacy toward peacemaking. More at

Valentine’s Day is for Peacemakers!

It’s too bad we’ve trivialized “Valentine” to baby-faced-winged-cherubs of myth – when a factual human of history is at the heart of today’s historical core. The real historic person, the Saint – of St. Valentine’s day -  lived as a … Read more

Can Gaza and Israel Make the Tough Choice for Peace?

For now, no more missiles fly from Gaza to Israel – nor from Israel to Gaza.  The last several days of mutual-retaliation is now at its end. I will not re-post here what can be read widely in the news: … Read more

Malvo – Should We Ever Forget?


We’re all selfish. That seems a given. The question becomes, will we foster and train selfishness that leads to violence, or instead put all of our energy in developing selflessness that extends to forgiveness and ultimately peace? As our discernment … Read more