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Because a Story Was Shared in a Far Off Land

Shortly before my Pop died, I was working on a play with a Christmas theme. I’d had him over for dinner and just offhandedly asked, “Well, Pop, you got any Vietnam Christmas stories?” not expecting an answer, because he rarely talked about his three tours in Vietnam. Read more

Our Film to Create Awareness about Fracking in South Africa

My name is Francis Hweshe, Im a freelance journalist and indie filmmaker based in Cape Town. I understand that the Archbishop Desmond Tutu has spoken against fracking and I thought our initial trailer on fracking featuring South African Goldman Prize … Read more

Bring Back Social Clubs

We need to bring back social clubs with activities such as dancing, drama, and sports. There should also be local, provincial, and national competitions among social clubs across the country in each of these activities. These clubs really made a … Read more

Living Ubuntu

A number of years ago, I was introduced to the book “God Has A Dream”. The concept of Ubuntu resonated with me. Ubuntu embodied the essence of a Divine or “Christ’ spirit; an all-loving, all-acknowledging; all-accepting intention of the magnificence … Read more

We Pray for Peace

This video is about our responsibility to pray for peace in all our endeavors. It is unfortunate to note that until we experience war that leaves children and women homeless and dreams shattered, we can rarely appreciate the value of … Read more

Peace for Africa

In the past we used to have village elders meet and resolve issues regarding brotherly differences to attain peace. And, by doing that, achieved peace. However, these days we have elders who are not interested in achieving this peace, but … Read more

Reconciliation on Cyprus

Dear Desmond Tutu – As a Christian, I have had this burning desire to communicate with you regarding Cyprus and the prospect of setting out a truth and reconciliation commission as after 40 yrs of division, I found on a … Read more

Birthday Greetings from One You Have Inspired

Repected Sir, Congratulations at your birthday this month! I was very happy to have met you in Deventer, one month ago where it was at three occasions that we were able to shake hands. So nice.The last time was at … Read more

An Unexpected Source of Innovation

Over the past six years I have collected thousands of drawings from children around the world. Each child drew a picture of their dream – several thousand dreams that came in more colors and shapes than I could ever imagine. … Read more

Love Your Mother, But Don’t Hate Another Person’s Mother

“He who loves the world as his own body may be entrusted with the empire.” – Lao Tzu Presently people across the globe are getting impatient, intolerant, and agitated without any concern for others. It seems there is less respect … Read more