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February 5, 2016

Tutu on racism: Hurtful but not surprising.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu says racism in South Africa is hurtful but “not entirely surprising” considering the country’s segregated past and present living conditions for the majority. Asked about recent incidents of very public racism and debate Tutu said it was optimistic to think prejudice would be eradicated overnight. Read More

January 31, 2016

Archbishop Tutu Endorses Three Nobel Peace Prize 2016 Nominations

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has endorsed three competing but complementary nominations for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination process closes tomorrow (1 February).

The three nominations are:

The Aegean Solidarity Movement, in acknowledgement of the compassion of the people of the Greek Islands in opening their hearts and homes to hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing war-torn lands in 2015.

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December 31, 2015

What’s in a year? 2015 highlights from the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation

Over the last few years, the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation has been working to launch the Peace3 Program and thanks to the support of so many of you, plus the generous support of our corporate donors, we were able to launch this program in 2015 plus accomplish so much more!

We launched the Peace3 program with a two day event in partnership with the Peace and Justice Institute at Valencia College with thousands of young people joining us in person and online…

Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation and Valencia College Peace and Justice Institute conversation on Peace November 03, 2015. WILLIE J. ALLEN JR.

Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation and Valencia College Peace and Justice Institute conversation on Peace November 03, 2015.
Photo by Willie J. Allen Jr.

And followed up our launch with events at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida…

Desmond Tutu's granddaughter, Nyaniso Tutu-Burris helped us to launch Peace3 events.

Desmond Tutu’s granddaughter, Nyaniso Tutu helped us to launch Peace3 events.

And at Stanford University near Palo Alto, California… Read More

December 5, 2015

The Reality of War

By Tenzin Gyatso, the XIVth Dalai Lama

Of course, war and the large military establishments are the greatest sources of violence in the world. Whether their purpose is defensive or offensive, these vast powerful organizations exist solely to kill human beings. We should think carefully about the reality of war. Most of us have been conditioned to regard military combat as exciting and glamorous – an opportunity for men to prove their competence and courage. Since armies are legal, we feel that war is acceptable; in general, nobody feels that war is criminal or that accepting it is criminal attitude. In fact, we have been brainwashed. War is neither glamorous nor attractive. It is monstrous. Its very nature is one of tragedy and suffering. Read More

November 29, 2015

COP21: Humanity’s Last Chance Salloon

By Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and the Reverend Canon Mpho Tutu. Original posted on The Desmond and Leah Legacy Foundation web site.

2503226863-milhares-de-pessoas-protestam-em-frente-torre-eiffel-durante-divulgacao-dos-resultados-da-cop-21We are in uncharted territory. Never before have representatives of the entire human family had the opportunity to sit down together and collectively change the trajectory of our species and our earth.

Leaders of the world’s nations gathered for the 2015 Paris Climate Conference this week will (for the first time in 21 years of United Nations climate negotiations) seek to achieve a universal, legally binding and enforceable agreement on climate change. Their goal is to limit global warming to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels. Read More

November 25, 2015

Fighting the Climate Apartheid

At the end of this month, all diplomatic roads will lead to Paris for a global summit on the looming catastrophe of drastic and irreversible climate change. On its present course, man-made climate change will destroy the livelihoods of a quarter of the world’s people and hundreds of millions of them will be in Africa.

That being the case, one would expect African leaders to be seizing every opportunity to lobby and organise to ensure that the continent presses its case resolutely. Instead, there is an air of fatalism and despondency. Read More