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December 20, 2012

We Pray for Peace

This video is about our responsibility to pray for peace in all our endeavors. It is unfortunate to note that until we experience war that leaves children and women homeless and dreams shattered, we can rarely appreciate the value of peace. Must war take place before we appreciate and treasure peace?

Encourage others to pray for peace.  Please share this video with the world at large.

We Pray for Peace – Jozeph King

Blessings now and always.

Jozeph King

October 23, 2012

Peace for Africa

In the past we used to have village elders meet and resolve issues regarding brotherly differences to attain peace. And, by doing that, achieved peace. However, these days we have elders who are not interested in achieving this peace, but instead have turned the village square meeting into a gathering of evil men. I have seen injustice being perpetrated. When our people discovered that we would not achieve peace through this means, young people resorted to using violence and aggression to settle their difference. Africa – where is peace? Who shall give us peace.

May God bless Bishop Desmond  Tutu, a legend of our time, the lion of our generation.You will live long. Africa will always remember your footprints. God bless Africa.

October 23, 2012

Reconciliation on Cyprus

Dear Desmond Tutu –

As a Christian, I have had this burning desire to communicate with you regarding Cyprus and the prospect of setting out a truth and reconciliation commission as after 40 yrs of division, I found on a recent visit that there’s a strong desire to come together and move on among Greeks, Cypriots and Turks!

In the North they are already responding to each other – sharing worship and praise and each others language, and just need a kick start to create the political will.  I have had this in my heart for some time now and asked God what can I do about it! I’m just an electrician ready to retire!  So I am just being obedient and sharing this with you in the hope you are able to respond.

May the lord bless you and keep you Bob Bate Durban

October 15, 2012

Birthday Greetings from One You Have Inspired

Repected Sir,
Congratulations at your birthday this month! I was very happy to have met you in Deventer, one month ago where it was at three occasions that we were able to shake hands. So nice.The last time was at the Albert Schweizer Monument, where you gave an inspiring talk, it touched the hearts and minds of the people. Thank you for that!
It was a moment in time I will not forget. Hope you have been able to read the letter..

October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to Dr. Tutu!

He is such a beacon of inspiration to a lot of us. Today’s youth, especially those in my continent of Africa, have only one option and that is to stand up and take the work of these elders to the next level. That will be in honor and with respect to their commitment, passion and efforts. I hope we will not disappoint Dr. Tutu.

He has my best wishes on this very special day

Muyatwa SITALI


September 25, 2012

An Unexpected Source of Innovation

Over the past six years I have collected thousands of drawings from children around the world. Each child drew a picture of their dream – several thousand dreams that came in more colors and shapes than I could ever imagine.

Last year, I was supervising a workshop at an orphanage in Tokyo. All the kids started drawing pictures of their dreams, except one 10-year-old boy who didn’t know what his dream was. When most kids finished drawing their dreams, the boy decided that it would be “really cool” to be the owner of a dog-grooming salon. On a large sheet of paper he drew a tiny picture of his salon right in the middle, leaving a lot of blank space around it. “I’m done,” he said. One of the supervisors asked the boy: “Where should this shop be? What’s around it?”

After thinking silently for a while, the boy picked up his marker and started drawing again. A few minutes later, the picture was complete: a dog-grooming salon with a Formula One racing track around it.

The boy’s dream probably wouldn’t come true in the way he pictured it. A dog-grooming salon surrounded by a Formula One racing track would find few customers. But new ideas often come from people with unrealistic dreams.

The workshop at the Tokyo orphanage is one of many We Have A Dream workshops that I have organized. We Have A Dream is a nonprofit organization that I founded in 2006, after spending three months in South Africa.

In South Africa, I worked at Nkosi’s Haven, a care center for HIV-positive mothers and their children in Johannesburg. Nkosi’s Haven was started by Gail Johnson, the adoptive mother of the late Nkosi Johnson, an extraordinary child who gave voice to a generation of HIV-positive orphans. Nkosi’s dream was to create a home for HIV-positive mothers and their children. His dream became reality because it inspired others who had the energy and resources to make it come true. By sharing his dream, he gave other kids opportunities he never had himself. Working at Nkosi’s Haven, I felt Nkosi’s presence, his legacy, everywhere. It made me wonder what the children who lived there were dreaming about, and how we could help them take the first step to make their dreams come true. In close collaboration with two social workers and a psychologist, we organized a workshop in which children drew pictures of their dreams and talked about them. At the end of the workshop I collected the drawings, which were later exhibited in Norway, my home country, alongside other drawings of dreams by Norwegian kids.

From the kids at Nkosi’s haven to the boy at the Tokyo orphanage, all the children that I met were dreamers who knew few boundaries in their imagination. Their ability to dream is a potential source of innovation that moves all of us forward. I listen to children’s voices not just because they could be the voices of tomorrow’s leaders. I believe that children’s voices and dreams can actually change the world we live in today.