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Looking Inside the UN


BOOK REVIEW—An Insider’s Guide to the UN, 2nd Edition by Linda Fasulo Submitted by John M.B. Balouziyeh “An excellent introduction to the UN, but not without flaws” Overall, Linda Fasulo’s An Insider’s Guide to the UN is a well-executed introduction … Read more

The Shift – Envisioning a a More Socially Just and Peaceful Society


THE SHIFT Movie is a powerful new film being produced and directed by Rochelle Marmorstein that draws from luminaries, leading edge thinkers, evolutionary futurists, scientists and ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  THE SHIFT is the first feature film to reveal … Read more

Neighbors Healing Neighbors – Community-based Mental Health Strategies


A Community Approach to Mental Health Building Back Better, a recent report by the the World Health Organization (WHO), outlines a new, community oriented approach to providing mental health care in developing countries that have experienced devastating emergencies.  The report describes … Read more

Children Saving Children


Free The Children is proof positive that kids can make a difference in the world.  The organization is an international charity and educational partner that believes in a world where all children are free to achieve their fullest potential as … Read more

Mighty Be Our Powers: How Sisterhood, Prayer, and Sex Changed a Nation at War


August 18th marked the 10-year anniversary of the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which officially concluded more than a decade of civil war in Liberia. The Mass Action, a Liberian women’s peace movement, was roundly praised for pressuring Charles Taylor’s government … Read more

Probing the Biological Roots of Violence


In his new book, The Anatomy of Violence, Adrian Raine introduces us to neurocriminology, a new field within the neurosciences that focuses on the biological origins of violent behavior.  He explains that, “The dominant model for understanding criminal behavior has … Read more

Rotary – Recruiting the Next Generation of Peacemakers


The Rotary Peace Fellowship offers full funding for a master’s degree or professional certificate in peace study at one of six Rotary Peace Centers around the world. “Rotary believes, as I believe, that it is possible to have a world … Read more

Telling Stories that Matter – The Art of the Folklorist

Folklore is the foundation of a culture.  It is the sum total of the stories, experiences, art and beliefs of the people living in that culture.  But much of it is hidden, and it is the task of the folklorist … Read more

Measuring the Erosion of Empathy – Deconstructing the Science of Evil


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
― Edmund Burke Read more

Finding a Measure of Peace

Can we measure the peacefulness of the world?  And beyond that, estimate the impact of conflict on the global economy?  On first consideration, these seem like impossible tasks.  After all, the drivers of human conflict are varied and complex.  But … Read more