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Recognizing and Accepting White Privilege


“All the white people in the room, raise your hand.” As I sat in a classroom on Valencia College campus, I looked around as I and the other caucasians or predominantly caucasian people timidly raised their hand, fearing what was … Read more

Listening to the Story of Grief


My husband Kevin Brooks and I met on a dark Tuesday night in the basement of a used bookstore. We were both attending a storytelling event. I remember the first story I heard him tell, the way it made me … Read more

Storytelling—How every culture expresses “Ubuntu—I am because we are.” (Part 2)


Storytelling is a natural part of being human.  This creative, compelling way to communicate ideas, ethical beliefs, spiritual foundations, and cultural history might manifest as graphic artistry, spoken words, sign language, or be written. Festivals celebrating the art of storytelling, … Read more

Storytelling—How every culture expresses “Ubuntu—I am because we are.”


As far as we know, storytelling is a part of every culture. The familiar perception of storytelling as an essential survival mechanism in the limited toolbox of ancient cultures, long since overtaken by the written word and relegated to a … Read more

The Gifts of African American Innovation


African Americans have been prolific inventors, providing a multitude of gifts to the nation that once enslaved them.  Many of these inventions have had a wide and long-lasting impact and now form a part of our everyday lives. George Washington … Read more

The Real Lessons We Should Learn from Mandela


Nelson Mandela’s luminous presence shines radiantly. As a young white South African in the ninety-seventies I was captivated by his moral authority that no jail could imprison. In a world of leaders captive to tribal, religious or identity politics Mandela … Read more

The Miracle of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving


The Jewish Festival of Lights began yesterday, November 27, 2013.  In commemoration of the victory by a small group of followers of Jewish High Priest Mattathias over Greek oppressors in the second century B.C.E., Jewish people around the world light … Read more

Life Lessons Inspired by Desmond Tutu


Desmond Tutu celebrates his 82nd birthday on October 7th. I’m often asked what I’ve learned from this tireless peacemaker over three decades of knowing him. Alongside the wisdom that his life, work, teaching and spirit exude, five life lessons stand out which are transformative to the life of any person when they are allowed to be in dynamic inter-action. Read more

Taking Down Digital Bullies

Social media technology has made it easier than ever for teens to stay connected with each other.  It has also made bullying easier.  Consider the story of Brandon Turley, as recently report by CNN.  In sixth grade, he didn’t have … Read more

Our Film to Create Awareness about Fracking in South Africa

My name is Francis Hweshe, Im a freelance journalist and indie filmmaker based in Cape Town. I understand that the Archbishop Desmond Tutu has spoken against fracking and I thought our initial trailer on fracking featuring South African Goldman Prize … Read more