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    Kofi Annan

November 25, 2015

Fighting the Climate Apartheid

At the end of this month, all diplomatic roads will lead to Paris for a global summit on the looming catastrophe of drastic and irreversible climate change. On its present course, man-made climate change will destroy the livelihoods of a quarter of the world’s people and hundreds of millions of them will be in Africa.

That being the case, one would expect African leaders to be seizing every opportunity to lobby and organise to ensure that the continent presses its case resolutely. Instead, there is an air of fatalism and despondency. Read More

June 6, 2015

The Elders: What kind of world will our leaders leave for the young?

Four senior statesmen and women from The Elders organization have faced an audience of young people to answer questions on the big issues facing the world today.

The four elders taking part were Kofi Annan, chair of The Elders and the UN Secretary-General from 1997-2006, Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the USA, Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, and Hina Jilani, founder of Pakistan’s first all-women law firm and advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan since 1992.

The studio audience consisted of 15 students from around the world.

The debate was hosted by Matthew Amroliwala.

The Elders, founded by Nelson Mandela in 2007 are a group of the world’s elder statesmen who use their experience to advise on conflict, resolution and human rights.