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August 24, 2013

Youth Peace and an End to Bullying

I am a teacher at Garlandale High School in Athlone, Cape Town. Our students have asked me in a very hopeful and united voice to extend an invitation to you to come and join us next month, September 2013, to celebrate our school’s 30th anniversary. They are hoping with all their hearts that you will come to Garlandale and pray with us for Youth Peace and to help us end the continual bullying that goes on during recess.  In its heyday, Garlandale High was well known as a vibrant school that shared academic and artistic excellence with the community. Sadly, our school has lost that vibrancy and really needs your help to get it back.

I joined the school in January of this year and would like to encourage all other newcomers to the school to embrace the former culture of learning and living life the Garlandale way with an emphasis on a vibrant academic and artistic curriculum again.  Students who are in my First Additional Afrikaans classes, grades 8 through 10, are aspiring and interesting young people eager to learn in a vibrant, exciting atmosphere.

Please bring your loving, peaceful nature to our school this Term and comfort us if only for just one day. Come and inspire our young learners so they can help to make sure Garlandale High School can live for another thirty years with restored vibrancy and excellence. Our students are avid listeners to your voice and teachings of goodwill and were just recently openly discussing how much a prayer can do for the 2013 matriculants before the start of their exams.

As teachers we would love to raise funds to maintain our Private Security Staff at school. Raising this R10, 000 every month has become such a battle that we had to let the security go. The lives of our learners and safety within the school grounds depend on the Security being active and visible throughout the school day.

Thank you so much for considering our invitation.  We would be honored to welcome you.

July 7, 2013

Our Film to Create Awareness about Fracking in South Africa

My name is Francis Hweshe, Im a freelance journalist and indie filmmaker based in Cape Town. I understand that the Archbishop Desmond Tutu has spoken against fracking and I thought our initial trailer on fracking featuring South African Goldman Prize Winner and anti-fracking activist Jonathan Deal would be interesting. The links to the trailer are below.