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Indonesian Comfort Women Seek Justice as Time Runs Out

The term Jugun Ianfu (Comfort Women) refers to those women who were forced into sexual slavery to fulfill the sexual needs of Japanese military personnel and civil officers at ianjo or comfort stations during the Asian Pacific War in 1931-1945.  … Read more

In Memory of Nelson Mandela


My post today has very few words. Nelson Mandela died yesterday at 95. Here are two beautiful and wise clips about him. The first video is from CNN and is a retrospective by Christine Amanpour The second, also from CNN, … Read more

Pruning Branches on “Peace”

After the Boston marathon bombing and the ensuing manhunt, I felt like I couldn’t “authentically” comment on peace since I was struggling to find it within myself. I didn’t feel “at peace.” Read more

Because a Story Was Shared in a Far Off Land

Shortly before my Pop died, I was working on a play with a Christmas theme. I’d had him over for dinner and just offhandedly asked, “Well, Pop, you got any Vietnam Christmas stories?” not expecting an answer, because he rarely talked about his three tours in Vietnam. Read more

Discovering Our Deepest Human Connection through Stories

I recently had the experience of sitting with two women I had just met and listening to their stories. I was also able to tell a brief personal story. We all marveled at how vividly we lived into each other’s stories, how we were so easily right there with them. Read more

The Story of Who Owns the Land

A video adapted and performed by Denise Valentine (inspired by a version from Scandinavian folklore in The Storytellers Goddess by Carolyn McVickar Edwards). Read more

Stories Help Us Remember that We are Human

When we tell stories we remember that we are human, when we listen to stories we remember that other people are human. Even when stories are about our differences, our uniqueness, they still remind us of what we all share in common. Read more

Storytelling Artists Stimulate Our Imaginations

The performing Storytelling artist, by stimulating the imagination of the listener through their story in a collaborative manner, establishes a common ground which is the basis of community. Read more

Learning to Listen Through Storytelling

In my work in Northern Ireland over the past years of violence and in this post-conflict situation, I have worked with storytelling to help people learn to listen to each other. Through listening comes understanding.
Read more

Soulful Warriors

We are a group of youngsters here in Alabama and Georgia (USA) creating a comic strip called ‘Soulful Warriors’ which focuses on human values. “It’s difficult to judge/criticize people but very easy to love them.” We believe the answer to every conflict lies in LOVE. Read more