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    Archbishop Tutu Joins HelpAge International’s Campaign to Make Older People Count

    May 28, 2015

May 28, 2015

Archbishop Tutu Joins HelpAge International’s Campaign to Make Older People Count

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is backing young and old to demand that everyone counts when governments agree on global goals to reduce poverty at the UN later this year.

“As we get older our rights do not change. As we get older, we are no less human and should not become invisible,” said 84-year-old Archbishop Desmond Tutu in a video released today.

Life expectancy is on the rise and the demographic make-up of the world’s population is changing at an unprecedented rate. Today, there are more than 895 million women and men aged 60 and over, representing 12 per cent of the global population. By 2030, this is projected to rise to 1.3 billion or 16 per cent while the proportion of people aged 15-24 will be 15 per cent.

May is the month when the global campaign, action/2015, hots up to highlight the importance of all ages in the Sustainable Development Goals being set for the next fifteen years at the United Nations in September and later at the UN Climate Change Conference COP21 in December.

The action/2015 May Month of Action will feature 14 Global Action Days – organised on themes of ageism, child health, faith and climate change, gender equality and hunger and nutrition – as well as hundreds of events including marches, concerts, flash mobs, workshops and debates throughout the month.

“This year decision-makers have the chance to include all ages in their plans for the years ahead,” said Toby Porter, Chief Executive Officer at HelpAge International.

“Across the world, from the Philippines to Zimbabwe, we are joining hands with the world’s older people, who too often go unheard and uncounted. We want to make sure older people are included in these goals to ensure they are legitimate,” he added.

Action All Ages events, to highlight the importance of the SDGs, will be taking place in ten countries around the world.

To learn more about this awesome campaign, visit http://www.helpage.org/get-involved/campaigns/action2015/

Source: HelpAge International 


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